Become aware that we are “of” the Creation


The Prayer Call places us in this Universe, for us, unpredictable, unapproachable, impressive and, at the same time, surprising.

With these qualifiers... we are suggested to address our being, our daily doing. We can stay with our reasons, our culture, our history, our interests, our losses, our gains, our pains, or sift them... -for now, like this- sift them with the fact that they are situated in that mysterious, incredible, unapproachable, amazing Universe.

It is not easy, since the tendencies of our corporeality are very fixed to what we call "instinct", "tendencies", "interests", "endurances", "survivals"...

But, to better understand it, let's look at how, throughout history, pre-history... and all the stories that can be told, we are told about the fact of a permanent combat. Yes. The permanent combat that each being has between that Creation, that Force, that Creative Mystery, and that tendency, that reason, that intelligence. And the disagreement; the disagreement between those two, as if they were two similar forces!

And although we are created “in the image and likeness”, the likeness may be at infinite places, times and spaces, and distances. It is “similar to”, but...

Perhaps, perhaps it was meant –without saying it- that we came from a Creative Mystery that we emanated from something unknown. But we “emanated” from it.

And in that sense, yes: “in the image and likeness.” But the stories quickly became anthropomorphized, and “the image and likeness” of our origin was a venerable old man sitting on a throne, dispensing law and justice. And what is more significant: with different tendencies than ours.

Perhaps that is why “free will” had to arise. And wherever we were raised, cultivated, learned or unlearned... it doesn't matter! It does not matter. It's the same, but it's not the same, true. But it is the same in terms of that combat between what I feel should be, how it should be... and what I perceive how it is and what has to be done.

And so, the dual feeling-reason-logical-consciousness appears: one thing is what I think, feel and do, and another thing is what I believe -I believe, I believe, I believe- I believe it should be, how it should be, but I feel incapable, useless... I rebel against it and wield my identity.

But that happens... all the time.

And that fight, perhaps, is more... more harmful than it seems. That fight may be fierce than it seems.

It was said... -perhaps it is also said in some other way- it was said that you had to be at peace with God.

.- Wow! But I don't know who he is.

.- Yes. You don't know who he is, but you feel it, you perceive it, you sense it, it is shown, it is reflected...

.- Ah!...

And that's why it was said “be at peace with”. Because, normally, well... just peace-peace...

You just have to look at yourself, before launching into external battles, and in this prayerful moment, ask yourself: “Am I at peace with Creation? Am I at peace with what I sense is virtue, kindness, generosity, coexistence, dedication, passion, love, fidelity? Am I at peace with it?”. Which are qualities that, to some extent, adorn the Creative Mystery.

Well, each one will answer.

But the Prayerful Call calls us to realize that bid, that bet, that attitude with which the being usually develops; which we usually encounter.

And it seems a difficult realization. Yes, perhaps because of the history of repetitions and permanent insistence. First, in the interpretations made of the Creative Mystery. And second, from the tendencies of our nature, fostered by our constitution, our configuration.

And so, for example, we know that such answer is not the best, but it is done. We know that such thinking is not the most appropriate, and it is thought about. Such a feeling and such opinion is not the correct one, but it is done. Such prejudice is meaningless, and it is done.

And in everyday life, one is... -and it is the same, it is a reflection- one is on the side of one faction or one is on the side of another. With which, the fight, the combat, is served.

"I'm of...".

Ah, what a word!: “of”. Of whom!?

Listen, believer! Of whom are you!? Of whom do you come from!?

It is said in the gypsy clan: “He is the son of Dolores”, “he is the son of Angustias”, “he is the son of María”, “he is the son of Dulce”, “he is the son of Amparo”… "That's the boy from... Puebla", "that's the boy of...".

“Of”… The word is so short! It is so seemingly insignificant. But now it has a different meaning, in prayer.

“He is the girl of... the González’s family, the Álvarez’s family, of the...”. “He is son of Tomasa”.


And lo and behold, when the Christ breath appears, the particle, the preposition “of”, completely changes. "The son of God". Wow!

It wasn't the first time, no. The emperors, kings... were children of the gods. The Greeks were already in charge of doing their neurolinguistic pranks to see our origins –cannibals, by the way- of the gods. But in that case –in the Christic breath- the “of” acquired another nature.

And it expanded and converted and... there it is.

Already in a certain decline, because the interpretation...

Although later it was said that we are all "children of"...

Yes, but you have to believe it. And by believing it, the being enters into another consciousness. It is no longer the son of… Tomasa and Antonio, no. It is no longer from Murcia or Zaragoza. No, no. It is no longer European or African. It is no longer from Australia or Denmark, no. Where is it from?

We would say: “of Creation; of the Creative Mystery”.

Of course, this seems apparently empty, right?: “And where is it and how is it...?”.

And we cling... -and this is where the Prayerful Call comes in- we cling to our concepts, ideas... and we do not let go of the idea that “this is how it is”.

  And by saying that “this is like this”, well… “I am from Bilbao”, “I am from Astorga”, “I am from…”. Finally, I land there.

Perhaps I do not dare, or the being does not dare, to say: “I am a son of Nothingness”.

"Nothing? As important as I am? Being loved so much by my mother and father? Loving my dog so much? That I am nothing? That I am the son of nothing?

Man! What about my biceps?, what about my thigh?, what about my sternocleidomastoid? What's wrong?, does that not exist, or what?”.

Those are the typical responses of the minor, major, medium rebellion, of the insolent, indolent preponderant human being. In parentheses: (unpresentable).

If just by seeing how it dawns, or seeing where we are at night and how it gets dark, everything that was just said -about my muscles, tendons, fathers and mothers- is lost... It is diluted. It's… nothing.

       Of course! Thus, one can say: “Since it is nothing, nothing matters, nothing is useful, nothing is helpful, nothing…”.

The rational radicalism of human beings is atrocious. There is still -as you can see- words to describe events.

Why are there so many problems with Nothingness? Ahhh, yes, of course! You can't own it. It cannot be controlled or dominated. Although it is the most sensible idea given our presence in this unfathomable Universe. And if they ask us: “Whose son are you?”. "Of nothingness". But, of course, you have to go back to belief. And see that this Nothingness is operative; that is with us, in us and between us.

It's not about believing “in nothing”, no! When assigning the Creative Mystery as a verbal reference, it allows us to be in that Nothingness, with a cord, with a story line that allows us to see the unforeseen, the unexpected, the surprising, the casual, the magical –ah!, the magical-, the chaotic.

And what is even more surprising, in this line:

If we are children -let us still keep that word- if we are children -generic: of all possible genders- of the Creative Mystery, in something, within our ignominious ignorance...

Yes. I say “ignominious ignorance,” because sometimes the person calls himself “ignorant,” but he is ignominious, because deep down he or she believes that he or she knows everything. See “Spanish.” Is there anything that a Spaniard doesn't know? Come on! You ask him or her anything, he or she is going to tell you something, something will tell you.

The surprising thing is that, if you are the son "of", you are "of", in something!, in something, within... -I insist- of our insolent ignorance -when it becomes insolent, and usually it does-, something, something –we return with the phrase; You have to punctuate it well, eh?- something, we will have to be alike in something!

Yeah! Well you see... well the father is tall, the mother is tall, and usually the child is tall. The father is short, the mother is short, and the child is usually short. Sometimes there are surprises, but we also know where they come from, don’t we? The boy is white, the father is white... and the mother is a little dark. There start to be things that don’t add up.

This detail of “of”: “we will have to be similar in some ways”; apart from the image and likeness, “we will have to be alike in something”. And yes, of course.

The first –well, the first-… one of the signs in which we are alike are dreams. Yes. We all dream. Sometimes we remember, sometimes we don't... Dreams became, with Sigmund Freud, the height of determinism and interpretation. Then they fell apart a little. But before him, Pharaoh's dreams, dreams... were the key.

But what happens in dreams? But what happens?


What is surprising about dreams is either their “nonsense” –from the point of view of the awakened person- their meaninglessness, their mixture, their chaos! –from the perspective of reason, of course- and, above all, that they are out of our domain.

That is why in other times, in other cultures, at other moments, dreams were key to... when it came to discerning them, they were divine messages that indicated where the hunt was or how to avoid drought or when it was appropriate to plant or… Millions of examples. Millions of examples and very different, in different cultures.

It is there, in dreams, as a sign in which we are in the bosom of Nothingness. And look at everything that happens in the heart of nothingness: “Well, you were in a place, and I saw you, and then I ran... and then a bomb fell, but you picked it up and didn't let it explode, you threw it against the clouds, and it was raining. And then a huge-huge, silver-colour horse appeared and, wow! You got on it and said “goodbye” to me, and I couldn't accept it and I ran after it and grabbed the horse's tail and got on it. And you became so happy, so happy... And at that moment I woke up. Let's see, interpret it for me". Wow!

And like this one that has just emerged, well everyone will remember many; some shocking, some terrible, but... chaotic.

Then yes –yes- there is Nothingness. Yes, it exercises in it. Because, obviously, when the being is asleep, it is in Nothingness, from its consciousness; from its conscious awareness. But on the other hand, it is not like that, its consciousness... is in nothingness; its consciousness or its supra consciousness or the contact with the supra consciousness –well now we are getting into very, very sui generis and very debatable terminologies; that is not the objective-.

Some of you will remember prayers in which we mentioned –not too long ago, but yes- that we said “I am not of me”.

Now the “of” appears again, so that we stop fighting against the unforeseen, the unexpected. So that we really start to become aware that we are “of” the Creation. So that we truly are at peace with that chaotic flow; that we have to order, of course, that we have to argue, that we have to situate, and position ourselves. Because the environment is hard, rational, imposing, dominant.

Of course. It is easy to deduce that if I assume that I am “of”, and I exercise in the best way possible, I am going to have problems.

And not... problems like those in Houston: “Houston here, we have a problem”. No. More!, more.

And we will know each other, as it was said: “By their actions you will know them.” Of course. And actions as “sons of” are not usually… –in the dominant domain of the being of the species humanity- they are not usually in line with the manipulations, the controls. No.

Consequently, we are going to have... –we must pay close attention to this; we have to look closely at this- we are going to have, on the one hand: “Yes, I have freed myself. I am the son“of”I am aware of this, and in the chaos of Nothingness I am going to exercise myself”.

Wow! That looks good! But as soon as I exercise, my mother tells me off, my father doesn't agree, my friends... -wow, "friends"- disappear, some of them don't... Wow! A lot of things happen, wow! So... I have created a conflict.

Yes, I am at peace with the Creative Mystery, but I am at war with everyone else.

No. They are at war with you, against you. First clarification. Second clarification: if you consider it a war, it will be a war. If you have enough mercy, condescension, patience and hope, the other or others will take note of their –their, their- origin.

And yes, it is... –in the beginning, in the middle and at the end; It doesn't matter, it's timeless- it's, at times, hard. Of course! Because you have to be with the dogs, the cats, the rabbits, the father, the mother, the uncle, the friend, the nephew, the boss... Yes! Because they are all “of”, but some discover it or recognize it, and others do not. The majority, don’t. So, if you exercise, you exercise as “of”, you are going to enter into conflict.

But the first thing you have to remember, I repeat: they come into conflict; one must remain. To remain means to continue with one’s testimony, with one’s position: that which comes “of”.

Maybe they will disinherit you, withdraw their greeting, ignore you... and so on and so forth. Well, “maybe”, no. For Sure.

But!... -the "but" is to clarify and encourage- but the "of" the Nothingness, "of" the Creative Mystery -as the operative of that Nothingness-, "of" those dreams... ah!, it is unconditional, it is permanent, it is LOVE with capital letters, it is compassionate, it is merciful.

“There is no need to fear”.

And that is when we exercise our liberation. And that is when we become truly descendants “of”.




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