We inhabit an open Universe


The beliefs of the species, nowadays, are closed beliefs that start from a human condition that bases its decisions on the power of might and the decision of violence; in the search for and defence of possessions and in the pursuit of aggression.

Evolution is taken as done… and is not anticipated –it is neither anticipated nor is it believed- that it continues to act.

This is like a closed circle, in which one comes again and again going through the same, kind of alike, similar circumstances, with equivalent responses, as if time and space had been limited; and so people would continue in their circle, until –at some point- they wear themselves out, deteriorate and... melt into waste.

Thus, under these perspectives, their proposals, projects, possibilities always remain bound… to those surveys that, to a greater or lesser extent, hit the target.

The Prayerful Sense reminds us that we live in an open Universe!

It is not... space-time-speed...

It is not a closed Universe.

And this babbling is also said by science; although… –"although"-… in its approach it also suggests as something –the Universe- bounded, limited... And although it may now be in expansion, the moment will come for its contraction.

The Prayerful Sense, also picking up these perspectives of consciousness, of science, of knowing, shows us the image of an incessant Creation, continual, assisted, maintained.

From the Creator Mystery we are called, so that our consciences… are warned of this permanently unfinished position, constantly recreated, permanently different.

The difference in the approach of any activity, process, development… supposes, in one case –of the closed, completed circle-… a sense of defeat, of occasional gain, of limitation, of repetition…

It supposes a… birth, growth, development and death…

It supposes that any creativity is bound for an end... to terminate; of being residual.

Whereas, when we assume an open Universe that expands and that creates new spaces in continuous transformation, in an incessant evolution…, in that unfinished Universe the possibilities become infinite; the options do not... they do not like the inevitably of repeating themselves.

Feeling under the expression of a reflection of life that is open, and exercising in this sense, separates us from unnecessary repetition, separates us from systematic error, transports us to another perspective... unknown! A true discovery, in which any forecast is unnecessary.

If attention is paid, we will be able to realize a certain degree of precipitation, a certain degree of acceleration, a certain degree of restlessness.

Perhaps, that "certain degree" is the announcement of... opening the circle. The announcement to realize that we are not there; that we have created a "there" to control each other, to dominate, to handle, to manipulate...

It is often the case –we know it- that… manifestations of life, when they see themselves closed, without open options, annihilate themselves, and thereby annihilate everything that´s nearby.

And it also happens the fact of… staying, waiting, hoping, knowing that the occasion will come to… manifest, as it is!: an open Universe, without restrictions.

Look. In one case, precipitation leads to “finality”: to be certified as locked up, to be considered an already completed evolution. In the other one, aware of what we have just described about being closed, one knows that it is not so, rather one waits. Waits because the circumstance will be, will occur in which one is able to express without drama, without tragedy, without end; with hope, with changes, with evolution.

It seems that there is a life that despairs, and another that waits.

The one that waits is known to be subject, not to its whims and decisions, but to providential circumstances. The one that despairs feels it is the protagonist, director, executor, of a level of self-sufficiency and closure… that only fatalistic beliefs, make the being remain, living in a tragic way.

In what is closed, belief is exhausted in itself.

In the open Universe, belief grows, not by itself, but by Creation itself. But you have to be willing and available for it, as a receiver.

Does the voice, the music… that is being created and developed there, in the apparatus that we have? Or rather, what we hear or listen could be produced thousands… thousands of kilometres away?

21st century humanity believes in a fatalistic self-sufficiency; and acts and infects as such. It makes any prayer useless. Always it is going to set a date of expiry.

We look for a sound, a mantric expression that induces us to… make ourselves available! in the prayerful way of listening, so that we assume a truly evolutionary consciousness in which beings are needed to be able to express life; and to the extent that they don´t feel this need, they separate, they isolate themselves, they exhaust themselves as an expression of life.





If we enter that permanent opening, we will feel the vibration of the Truth… and we will show ourselves in what we do, "faithful to the revealed", to what is revealed to us through the Prayerful Sense, through the meditative example, through the contemplative attitude.

Willing, available... in the Creator Breath... without end...




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