And anguishes, fears, anxieties, escapes, appearances... all sneak in and flourish.

Oh! And conscience is in turmoil... It can hardly see beyond its own restlessness.

And between corners... one can hear, like an echo, the howl of "help! help!"... without knowing where it is going, but with a conscience ready to assume that... there is another reality.

The echoes sometimes become murmurs, whispers... that do not reach the clear and transparent voice; the clear and transparent voice of recognising oneself as a configuration of balance, harmony, collaboration, good sense, training, dedication, evidence... –many murmurs-.

And they don't dare, due to the threats: the strength of those who shout... and point out and accuse, and are in constant complaint, in constant discussion.

They are those who affirm "such is life", while the murmur of the corners says no, no...; that this is how life has been adulterated; this is how the life of the being of humanity has been uncommitted. But life is not anguish, prejudice, an anxiety, a complaint and a permanent "against". They have not brought life... -that Inspiration of the Mystery, of the Creative Mystery- they have not brought it for dispute. They have brought it to show the Glory of Eternity, that is: tuning, agreement, harmony, balance, colour, dance, sound...

And it is so easy today, in everyday life, to forget our nature!... And it is the Prayerful Call that calls us, that warns us, that proclaims to us what our nature is.

But it is not seen with gain or profit; it is not seen with threats, scythes or machetes.

It does not have the body -the prayerful voice- of a dominator, hero or... warlord.

It is rigorous, but at the same time it is flexible, it is kind...

It is a distillate of love, of help!....

It is the one that gathers the corners that whisper -the prayer-; it is the one that gathers them and makes them a voice. And with it, words... that are shown without terror, that are wielded shamelessly, with the innocence of transparency.

And yes, it is true that it seems impossible -"it seems"-... that the praying voice would be continually reminding us, claiming the purpose of living.

Because the claim of daily act is to "comply" with other and others, or with what those, impose. Others and those who have lost faith, hope... and cling to power, to dominance or generation of fear; to harassment.

Others who see... -even if they sense their authentic nature- see that it is not possible to be witnesses, testimonies of transparencies, of evidence.

And that is how expressions of authentic life are cornered!... swept away for being incompetent... out of fear that they might be seen. And consequently, rites, anniversaries are established... very limited moments in which praying, for example, is a compliment. Or it is something else -or something more- but its time is limited. And then: "I’ll see you later", "you see, that's life".

A continuous resentment.

They gave us everything and more! They give us everything and more... for everyone to enjoy, to share, to search, to investigate, to discover...; the leap to continuous amazement, for the leaf that has just appeared, for the cloud that has just insinuated, for the "hello" that has just been said...

Thus, our nature is restricted, repressed and circumscribed to religious, social or circumstantial ritual. And everything, everything..., that was for sharing, living together, became hoarding. It became –and the being converted it– into property. It was extracted and kidnapped from generosity.

Surely, it was astonishing to realise that it was able to hold on to it…

"For some time". Because each withholding, each possession, each domain, subtracts eternities, infinitudes.

And in that passing, and in that astonishment and attraction generated by the idea of "having it”!... -having the soil, the flowers, the fruit, the water, to "have"...-, in that anxious process the goodness of life is erased. The generous providential condescension of that everything that gives us spring, autumn, winter, summer, rain, sunrise, sunset, rainbow, the thousands and infinite creatures that show themselves is erased!... and man passes by elusively, "minding his own business".

And never mind the cricket or the butterfly... At all events, to stick them on a panel and classify them.

And in this "all" that is given in abundance, in this surprisingly attractive and generous giving of the envelopment of life, the attractions of taking, possessing, controlling, dominating... also extend to our own natures...; to our species. And so, the other or others or those are seen as a trophy, and are fought and dominated and enslaved.

And likewise, to the close one, because it is "my" partner, "my" child, "my" husband, "my" wife, "my" country, "my"...

Everything that was arranged to be a generous, liberating being... has been transformed into a state of domination, control and imposition.

The Praying Call seeks us through the chinks to be able to enter, to be able to be heard, so that the whispering of the corners, which asks for help, can at least be comforted. And to know that there is another reality. That reality is another! That life is... another. That it is not this one that the human has conceived, structured, calculated... and it feels "honoured".

It is true that he would also like to possess the moon, the planets and that or the other star. But he does not give up these hopes.

But in the meantime... the achievement of dominance and conquest is the best development for exercising power.

No. Everything was not gestated for us to share it out like scraps of meat. No. Rain and dew is not created daily for us to hijack it and appropriate them.

Yes, we are intermediaries of all the goodness and providence that surrounds us, that gives us encouragement to be consciences proclaiming life!

And that which we are in tune with, we can guard it; we can exercise it -because that is what we have been brought here for- and feel endowed with the capacity to be testimony. And because of these qualities, we can feel -in their exercise- fulfilled. 'joyful'.

Yes. Today, listening to all this... it can be immediately –due to anguish, anxiety and fear-... it can be impossible to exercise.

The rules demand us. The laws require us.

Assuming we were that other reality, it is impossible to do.

And it is said -without realising it, consciously- that everything that is done is... from the whole that is given to us; that, as bad administrators, as lousy intermediaries -as humanity- we have not known how to manage, to share. We have drawn the line that "henceforth, no", "from here on, yes"... We have labelled every year of life. We have labelled every inch of land. We have handed out the whole

And so, it is impossible to join the parts together.

But... going deeper... -the Praying Sense tells us- delving into the nature of the whole, it shows to us, from its Creative Mystery, as overflowing. It has no limit of the impossible. It has no boundaries. It does not need the pen, neither the garden, nor the fishbowl. The whole encompasses... everything.

Consequently, from the minutiae of the whole we know, in each heartbeat -"in every heartbeat"- that there is no impossible, that impossible does not exist!... That impossibilities are the expression of domination and control that, as humanity, has been exercised in those processes that are neither understood nor comprehended; and, above all, because of the plundering that each being has done -and they have educated it, it has been educated-... the plundering that has been done of the Whole!

Each one hijacking a space, time, place and activity as if it were... its own!

The cloud does not belong to itself... It is evident, it shows itself, it dissolves... and reappears.

It does not make any demands.

Stars, there, twinkling there, look and look and never seem to tire of looking at us. And they do not seem to be indecisive, although from here, those who claim to know, establish stories of battles and terrible wars... between the different luminaries. But how respectful they are in the face of this strange event of life. They do not rush upon us to possess us, to dominate us, to control us!

Intermediate flickering witnesses, expression of the whole... and more.

And they serve us punctually with the arrival of the dawn.

And punctually the moon insinuates itself in different forms, to exercise its intermediation.

Thus, we could give so many examples!... so many that... it's overwhelming!

If we know -not through wisdom but by consciousness- how to admire harmony, synchronicities that make life possible; if we sense the constant presence of the Mystery; if we know -through giving- that, in each loving attitude, we have the reference that we are previously loved; if in this journey... we contemplate ourselves and we contemplate with an open objective, perhaps we do not need tools, we do not need any help. Perhaps we can realise that our nature of life is overflowing, empowering, recursive. And we are communion with the different expressions of the whole.

And due to being communion, every attitude, every intention, every movement of consciousness, will connect with others. It will not be suspended or controlled or dominated by us. No.

An apparent boundary separates us from that one, from that other one, from those.

A porous skin -porous- that seems to be a barrier, but, given its porosity, is really a transparency.

And so, we feel fused... in the autumn leaf, in the winter cold, in the bright summer dawn...

There is no separation; there is fusion.

There is no confusion; there is consubstantial.

And that abundance that living means, opens up horizons of Eternities, which we clumsily call "future".

"It opens up the horizons of the Eternities for us".

And that's how the impossible fades away. It never existed! It was only formed by greed and dominance, which realised it could practice on another -or over others!

Dominions that in truth, later proved to be as fragile as time: they were exhausted...; while abundance of life, the whole and more, permanently endured.

Go and continue without impossibilities...

Go and continue without impediments...

With the patience and the passion... of Providence.

With the patience and the Passion... of the Eternal, which does not falter.


Go on being carried…




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