We Are Encrypted Entities


Even though the species is a prototype of living-together “because of needs of survival", the strategy developed on the basis of the war of any kind… -it has already managed to amplify the concept, beyond a gun, a knife, or… no: the war of dialectics, the psychological war, the war of the detail…; well, there are so many!-… 

And so, having decided on that path to achieve the survival through war, violence, control, power… -well, it has now a different denomination- it is like this that the coexistence has become… especially difficult.

Because there is always that spirit… of personal reason, of personal opinion… but all these with a winner spirit, triumphant…

At the time to 'hypothesize' concerning this variable -the predominant, the violent, the warrior-, it is not easy to discover... the origin. 

We venture to say that… faced with the probable idea of Creative Forces that have simple demonstrations, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, clashes of meteorites… -something that we could call "hostile", which is difficult to defend against; although, curiously, when that happens, there is a greater socialization of the species for defence, but is momentary-, well, according to the hypothesis, probably the being was and is subjugated faced with so much Force –to call it like this: "Force"; because of not having another lexicon and another level of consciousness-. 

It is left subjugated when seeing a starry night or… conjuring-up ideas about the universe. 

And that is very tempting. Yes; tempting, in the sense that if they are seen as the most powerful, the greatestthe most such, to what they end up calling "God", and they give him a beard or a trident or any other thing, that idea is carried quickly, -faced with the development of our intelligence- to our daily life. And it is seen that -being optimistic- more or less it works. And we are able to put an end to the hippos, rhinos, watermelons, tomatoes, lettuce… that is, today we can exterminate most of the species. We are already doing it, but at a sustainable.. rhythm. 

But the question is in the challenges of that domain, of that greatness, find their best feats in the domain over its own species: the father over the son, the son over the father, the man over the woman, the woman over the man, etc.

Yes; it turns out to be difficult to face… The Unspeakable, the Divine -or however you want to call it.

It seems to be deaf or… or it seems to not care about our plight.

If in addition, you also have the experimental experience that within the species there is… -as we say again- the experience of the domain, of control and of the war of men over women… 

Because it seems to be that, according to the biblical religious ideology, "God created man in its image and likeness". And, well, if we stayed there, but… "What about the woman?".

Ah, well. "God created man in its image and likeness. It created man and woman". More or less, depending on which version is added to this or not.

So, then, quickly the gunpowder extends, and the dominance of men over the women is evident. And then, between men, also they fight for the women.

Well, as can be seen, it is a really... in the jocular term of the term: "pretty"; in the empirical term: quite a… "it leaves much to be desired"; in the philosophical term: "a calamity"; and in terms… let's say of scientists and of high-flyers: "a problem to be solved"; which means that a commission will be created and that it will never be solved. Mm?

It continues!, it remains there in that admiration -which later will convert into envy and then in imitation- of the man in the Universe. 

Admiration, for what is called "Divine"; envy, for not achieving those quotas; and imitation, for becoming judgmental, dogmatic, moralist, a punisher, etc.

With this situation, we find ourselves on a daily basis.


From the point of view of Prayer, this position that the being develops, and that is known by all and…-the other day was the World Day of Peace, for example- and ok!, but nothing better has been found; in generic, mm?, in generic. 

So, some fight with others, some leave others, and it seems that they are balls that are in a bass drum and they twist and turn, and suddenly: "7!". "8!"... That is, you're playing, right? Now it's your turn… the "spasmolytic"… I don’t know exactly what it is. It is a spasm… "molytic"; well, that dissolves… 

It turns out to be curious, and alarming, to mention a theme already very well-known and that we live in some way, as that seems to be a theme so crippled that… that it has no importance. But the issue is that, always, in this issue, we are in the importance and… in "the edge of the abyss".

While praying -at least-, and we remember this situation, probably the temptation to get violent, to confront, to become infuriated, etc., is less. It is very little; little performance. It should last longer. At least, the wave of prayer should be more… But it is not usual.

If we were created to live in a Paradise or…-it depends on how you look at it- in a hostile environment in which we had to develop, in either of the two cases… we need solidarity.

And in that "needing each other", as the most intimate expression appear the affections, the emotions, the attractions, the admirations, etc. We would say that "in an evolutionary phase" -to say it like that-. Yes; because in that needing each other  and putting in evidence attractionsadmirations, emotionsaffections, the duration, the witnessing, the continuity of these vibrations is so relative that sometimes… zumm!... Well, they have already passed. Or… is said: "And this? What's wrong?".

It was a popular comment of the people, which was said in the past, when it was said "We are all very good, until they touch what is ours"

Ah! So our own we are?!

This leads us to another question a little more generic, and very little operational but interesting -at least under the speculation-: Who are we?

Yes; we already know that "each one is from its father and mother" -although that is not very clear, huh?; I think it is evident, don't you?-.

From the perspective of Prayer, we will be… we will be or we could be, beneath our perspective, some emissaries with a message to develop; that are in transit -as all emissaries- to continue -it is not known in what, or with what new message- here, there, beyond… 

What is important is that the message arrives. They have written the message in all of our being. Repeated at least 10 billion times –that is repeating!, eh?"-, so that you don’t forget. 

"Ten Billion! And from where you get that figure?".

Well, approximately, from the human cells that the human being has; about ten billion human cells, compared to one hundred! billions of bacteria. 

"Who serves whom?".

Well, the case is that it is being repeated. And of course, the message is there, in that code.

And what is more significant and striking: that it is in that significant number of times, repeated, but furthermore, every "X" time it is repeated more times. I mean, the cell reproduction repeats the same message. 

"Remember Acapulco. Remember Acapulco. Remember Acapulco. Remember Acapulco. Remember Acapulco. Remember…"

And of course, there comes a time when: "Remember Acapulco, Remember Acapulco…", then you end up saying that you are the member of somewhere -remember, remember, remember, remember…-. That would explain certain reproductive deterioration, right?; a dehiscence of cell reprogramming, or of cell programming.

Or, in other words: they already counted with our difficulty; because they repeat it so many times!, so many times!... 

Like when you have to learn the alphabet. So many times!... Or the 7 x table. Now it seems easy, but ho!, ugf!

But that's nothing, of course, compared with the times that we are repeating ourselves. 

And moreover, moreover, moreover -to see it clearly, right?, just in case someone doesn't see it clearly-: they are messages that are for each one. And to make it more clear: if they give you a cell that is not yours, mmm!, you devour it almost immediately; no, you do not want to know anything about it -the rejections, right?-.

"But so what, in the end they are human cells, and have… the same".

No, no, no, no, no. They have different messages.

But… we need each other.

And in that needing each other -to make it clear that there is a need- the feelings, the emotions, the affections, appear… In the upper scale, love, the 're-loves', the…

And so, inevitably, the little-little-little that you do, you are able to get a temporary solidarity.

But, after the exciting, emotional, attractive, acceptable, not acceptable… affections, defects, etc., have passed returns the hostilities -in one way or another-.

The question could be raised -looking for solutions-: "How to be able to maintain an emotional vibration, affective, loving, etc., which allows us to be in solidarity; and, consequently, greatly slows down the war, and we endorse toward achievements, toward consecutions, toward… toward the desire to discover this vast Universe".

"The messenger had included… in its message…?".

Yes! Of course, it is included in its message that encounter of solidarity through… sympathy, as a minimum. Of course, it is included!

Why we are so confident that it is included? Because it is a messenger. Then, the messenger, without someone to give the message, well, it makes no sense, right? And to give the message, well… one has to know to whom it is given, where it is given. And for this we need a filiation, a unison.

Maybe it has to do with the uracil. But leave that as it is, "unknown". 

Those who don't know what the uracil is and what is its function, do not worry, because it is not known with accuracy. That is … you can exercise the improvement without knowing it, but since we have spoken of the code and the message, well …

We have just begun… the time of autumn. And in the other part starts the spring.

To some the leaves fall, and to others are born leaves -so that there is no fight, right?-.

In the case of those for who the leaves fall, well, it is a grave time; because the leaf falls by… by gravity, of course, -although to Newton dropped an apple, but well-.

We could say "gravity", because everything goes inward; life outside slows down and life is internalized. It is the time of reflection, the time of the planning, the time of the projects… Yes. Because then will come the winter, which is the time of preparation; to realize, something else, than oneself. 

Meanwhile those who now enter into the spring, begin with the alterations of the blood, right? -"disturbances", eh?: "The spring, the blood alters" and such things-; begin… the green leaves, the flowers, the fruits… "the exteriorization". The fruits that have been planned, organized and discovered in the previous seasons begin to be produced, to reach their emergence in the summer.

And everything is brewing in that coming and going of the leaves, which is like the heads and tails, -or the tails and the heads, or the seal and the head- of a currency that is rolling in its edge –with its sound, the edge of a coin- that rolls, to transmit to everyone its message.

This "simultaneity" of an apparent duality tells us that, really, we are not -we are not- dual, but that there are trends of time and of moments towards a direction, and tendencies and times and moments to others.

The duality is only in the conquest.

As transiting messengers, the consciousness must, inevitably, tune in to the sender of the message. 

Who sends the message? Who prepares us and configures us and throws us into the void?

"That Mystery of unfathomable proportions".

Without it, we lack meaning; and… without it, we disappear.

But what happens is that, with the admiration, envy, imitation and the final assumption of the powerful, it is forgotten.

And it is mimicked so much, that each one chooses to be appointed "Mystery", "writer of its own message", etc. 

And this is a detail to take into account. More than anything, to perceive our incredible ignorance. But that can turn into innocence, and then connect again, consciously, with whom writes the messages. We are the messages. Now, if we adorn ourselves, we are messengers. But… "messages".

Sometimes, to become aware of our inscriptions, we have to evade our possessions.

We are encrypted entities.




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